Hi welcome to LOVE MY BUSINESS the world’s first marketing tool that is guaranteed to make your business a success.

Are you spending lots of $$ on marketing and not seeing any results?

Tired of spending money on Flyers, TV, Radio, Outdoor and Press and never knowing if they really worked?

Now you can take control with LOVE MY BUSINESS and use the most powerful form of marketing that’s been around since the beginning of time…….word of mouth which is the primary factor in up to 50% of all purchasing decisions.

LOVE MY BUSINESS is a marketing tool that helps businesses get their customers to do their marketing for them.


All you have to do is ask your customers to download the LOVE MY BUSINESS app and ask them to love your business. When a customer presses the LOVE MY BUSINESS button a post appears on all their social network pages simultaneously. So in one simple click they will advertise your business to their friends on their facebook, instagram, twitter and linked in pages all at once. 

If you really work this tool and get all your customers using it and loving your business you will start to see your business’s customer base increase significantly and keep multiplying.



Even better you can reward your customers that love your business with a special reward or offer to use on their next visit turning them into loyal customers. 

This business app will:

  • Encourage and get customers who love your business/service to tell all their friends via social their social networks.

  • Increase sales

  • Grow and reward your loyal customer base.

  • Give you information about your customers

Give your business your own log in and dashboard where you can:

  • See how many people loved your business

  • See profiles of your customers and build your relationship with them.

  • See which offers /rewards yield the best responses/profits.